The Zephyr Theatre is excited to partner with pianist, teacher and author Roderick Phipps-Kettlewell. You are cordially invited to attend an invitation only concert to celebrate music, theatre and creativity on Thursday, June 15th at 7:30 p.m. at The Zephyr Depot – Future Home of The Zephyr Theatre, 601 Main Street North, Stillwater, MN.

This presentation will highlight the capacity of music to convey the inner language of the soul, often in dramatic ways. When connected with words and singing, there is an added dimension of character, mood and ideas, which can intensely add to the deep undercurrents of the musical commentary. Soprano Riley Svatos will join pianist Roderick Phipps-Kettlewell, sharing their collaborative work together. We will also add the music of poetry, written and presented by local award-winning poet, Marilène Phipps-Kettlewell.

This impactful event will be a celebration of creativity, deeply moving expression, and the power of art to transform the audience at a live event. The energy and chemistry in the room will be electric and memorable and provide a glimpse of what is possible in this time and place.