Shared Musings

Here are my shared musings. I hope they will provide something to think about and provide a hopeful vision of what is possible in this complex and constantly changing world.

Blog: “A personal website or web page on which an individual records opinion on a regular basis.”

So, here are some of my opinions – also insights, observations and hopefully helpful suggestions. This is the first forum I have used to share my thoughts publicly and many will soon be summarized in book form and also public lectures captured on video.

The Beyond Walls Cup

Dear friends: Some of you may know that I am an enthusiastic squash player … and former two-time Minnesota State B Doubles champion and recent finalist, so I am still competing …. I suppose that’s ‘enthusiastic' .... On May 19th at the Minneapolis Club, I’m taking...

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The musician as a writer – surprising connections

After many years as a performer and teacher, I was recently prompted to write a book, the idea for which had simmered within me for quite a while. I had a real desire to share with a wider audience my discoveries about creativity and music, and how my life had shaped these insights. But my writing had to reflect the need for increased imagination and the range of emotion I was advocating. This is when I learned a wonderful new lesson.

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Back in Minnesota

It is strange to be writing in Minnesota, having left New England at the height of summer, and now to see images of a region inundated by snow and more snow, in record amounts. Many thought it was funny for me to choose to move to Minnesota, anticipating a worsening...

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